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EACD Profile:Chengdu Yi’an Saidi Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. (“EACD” for short), located in Chengdu, the land of abundance, is a professional company specializing in the research and product development in the aspects of gas separation, purification, high-purity gas transmission, control and analysis, with decades of practical operational experience.

The Company attaches great importance to the horizontal alliance with various colleges and universities and scientific research institutions and has a group of high-quality scientific and technological elites in the same industry. Through many years of practice and on the basis of continuous improvement, the Company has developed a variety of new high-tech and high-quality gas purifier products. The Company has gradually become one of the professional companies with the most varieties and the most complete specifications in the same industry in China and has taken a solid step and achieved fruitful achievements in the field of gas purification and gas transmission.

EA series fully-automatic touchscreen gas purifier, inert gas purifier, stainless steel corrugated pipe valve, polished stainless steel pipe of inner and outer wall and high-efficiency gas filter and other products produced by the Company through research and development are widely used in electronics, semiconductor, energy, metallurgy, machinery, optical fiber, atomic energy, medicine, analysis, biological engineering and other production and scientific research departments. EACD gas purifier and gas purification system can provide much semiconductor process equipment with ultra-high purity gas, and are also used for the purification of carrier gas and zero point gas of direct-reading spectrometer, ICP, gas chromatograph, oxygen analyzer, ultramicro water, atmospheric ion mass spectrometer and other analytical instruments.

The Company will continue to adhere to the management concept with good faith as the foundation, quality as the source of life and innovation as the development power, cultivate the first-class staff team, master the top management level, create the superb enterprise image and provide the superior products and services, and maintain long-term development, serve the society and keep sustainable business with broad mind.Provide you with high-quality and reliable gas purification